• An explicit extragradient algorithm for equilibrium problems on Hadamard manifolds. Fan2020EGM4EPonHM

  • Strong convergence of two inertial projection algorithms in Hilbert spaces. Tan2020iSPs4MVIP-HFPP

MATLAB Toolbox

  • vipsegm. Numerical solution for pseudomonotone variational inequality problems by extragradient methods.

  • Manopt. With Manopt, you can solve optimization problems on manifolds using state-of-the-art algorithms, with minimal effort.

  • SGDLibrary. MATLAB/Octave library for stochastic optimization algorithms.

  • FOM, is a MATLAB toolbox containing a collection of first order methods for solving (mainly) convex optimization problems.

  • CVX: Matlab Software for Disciplined Convex Programming.

  • TFOCS: Templates for First-Order Conic Solvers. Introduction

  • NESTA: Nesterov's Algorithm. A Fast and Accurate First-order Method for Sparse Recovery.

  • UNLocBoX: Matlab convex optimization toolbox.

  • YALMIP: MATLAB toolbox for optimization modeling.

  • PN2O: Parallel Algorithms and Numerical Nonlinear Optimization,

  • l1benchmark: Fast \(\ell_1\) Minimization Algorithms.

  • FASTA. Fast Adaptive Shrinkage/Thresholding Algorithm.

  • Toolbox Sparse Optmization: Optimization codes for sparsity related signal processing.